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Waffles the Chicken Is Feeling Blue

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Saying goodbye is hard!

Waffles the Chicken just said goodbye to his best friend in the whole wide world. He tries to have fun, but he feels so sad! Nothing seems to help.

Will this terrible feeling ever go away?

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In this story, your child will learn that bad feelings are okay and an acceptable part of life. How we deal with them determines their negativity.

Kids will love the fun story, vibrant colors, and silly pictures.

Parents and teachers will love the digestible approach to social emotional learning. Waffles the Chicken is a perfect addition to story time or a social emotional curriculum.

This installment may be used as a supplement to the following core competency areas:

  • Self-Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Social Awareness

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This book is a 8.5"x8.5" paperback. As always, it's proudly printed in the United States.