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Ken & Ashley

With Ashley’s love of animals and Ken’s love of cartooning, they set out to create a book series to share with their children and the world. The result is Waffles the Chicken. Ken provides the illustrations, and they work together to write the stories.

Ken fell in love with the newspaper comics as a child, and quickly developed his own characters and stories. He published in school newspapers and drew the characters thousands of times. He ultimately chose to pursue a career in IT construction management and put his dreams of cartooning on hold until the birth of his second child. He holds a master’s in leadership and management, and a passion for developing those skills in others at all stages in life.

Ashley finds happiness with animals of all kinds and wants to share the wonder and joy they bring her with the rest of the world.

They both have neurological conditions. Ken has Tourette’s Syndrome and Ashley has Chiari Malformation. As they managed these conditions, it became important to them that they craft stories that are applicable to a wide range of people with messages of positivity and hope.

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